This section looks at Enfield's and Snider's in their component parts.

It is not a definitive list but guide to how these weapons are put together, what parts look like and their names in order to help the reader.

There are plenty of books available for further research which go into this subject in much greater detail. Please see the 'REFERENCES' section of this site for further details.

It should be remembered that with all but the P53 4th Model LAC (London Armory Company), RSAF (Royal Small Arms Factory) Enfield and the 'Windsor' Contract guns, the parts are NOT fully there was not one 'factory' making the parts rather dozens of individuals making parts which were then sent to a 'setter up' who physically  put it all together...rather piecemeal by today's standards but the system on the whole seemed to work.

Barrel Bands



Stripped Down


Ramrod Keepers