The below are just a few examples of the markings found on the stocks of Enfield's and Snider rifles:



R.M. (Royal Manufactury) Enfield roundel

With 1st class rifle mark


London Armoury, Bermondsey roundel




L to R:

Sold out of service mark

Pimlico roundel, 1860

With 2nd class arm mark


Liege mark roundel from a P53 Enfield

This example has the 'sold out of service' stamp over the the date of manufacture




Liege mark roundel from a P53 Enfield

The date of this stamp should match the lock date stamp


Roundel from an Army P56 Tower Enfield

(Photo supplied by Fultons of Bisley)



Pimlico refurbishment inspection stamps

(behind the trigger guard)


Retailer stamp (post service) behind trigger guard

'Reeves & Co'



Retailer stamp (post service)


Retailer stamp (post service)


J D Goodman - Goodman of Cooper & Goodman, regular contractor mark


W (William) Tranter - Main Contractor. He was a founder and shareholder of BSA and as such may have been involved on the contracts to set up rifles in conjunction with the Ordnance and the East India Company


The Mark on the wrist is very like, but more ornate, the 'reversed Rs' of the 'Rejected Unserviceable' stamp used by the Ordnance. This mark is on a Mk 2 P53


1st Class arm mark